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The netizen observer is an educational platform investigating different aspects of digital culture, with a strong focus on digital wellbeing. What do internet users need to maintain a healthy relationship with social media?

The netizen observer improves your online life in 2 ways:
1] by sharing information about online social behaviour. (We do the research so that you don't get overwhelmed.)
2] by developing practical tools and methods for a happier online life.

digital wellbeing

In our offline life it’s normal to ask what someone’s day is like. Many people journal about their offline experiences. When it comes to our online life, however, all we seem to think about is the amount of hours we spent digitally. We wish we would be offline more. People try to manage their screen time, take an occassional social media detox and remind ourselves of the fact that social media isn't an accurate representation of everyday life.

Do these actions really improve our digital wellbeing? We feel relaxed after a social media detox and trapped as soon as we log-in again. Being online is part of our everyday life. We not only need to be in charge of when we want to be online, but also how we want to be online. Therefore, it might be helpful to develop a skillset that empowers you to be in charge of your online life. By being more aware of your digital experiences, it might become easier to reduce the negative side effects of social media. So, how is your day online so far?

Through short videos and social media posts we're exploring what digital wellbeing is and how we can maintain a healthy relationship with social media.

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memes, myself & 2020

2020 might have been the most memorable meme-year so far. Memes are a big part of the internet. They are used to comment on society, spread opinions and collective experiences. Although they often do have a hidden storyline, memes aren't supposed to be looked at for too long. You laugh for a moment, and scroll further.

The netizen observer collected hundreds of memes responding to the pandemic. What do memes tell us about our time? What stories are being shared? What kind of experiences are presented as relatable? Can memes function as a tool to spread information? And how do memes influence our worldview?

Memes, myself & 2020 gives you a glimpse of what happened on the internet in 2020.

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