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With these (free) digital downloads, you can further develop your skills to maintain a healthy relationship with social media. Start exploring your online life in a playful way.

scroll bingo

Analyse your scroll behaviour with scroll bingo. On average, people spend 145 minutes per day on social media as of 2019 and 2020 (source: Statista). People scroll when waiting for a train, while sitting on the toilet and even tend to start their day scrolling through social media Scrolling became a casual activity; we scroll through our social media feed and process a piece of content within seconds. Oftentimes, we don’t realise how scrolling affects our mood, opinions and thoughts. So, time to become more aware of your scroll behaviour!

Scroll bingo is a playful way to explore the content you consume during a single scroll session. Do you like what you see? What topics do you scroll through? Who do you follow? How does scrolling affect your feelings? Playing scroll bingo is an easy way to become more aware of the content you consume online. Each bingo card invites you to explore a specific aspect of the content presented to you. You can also create your own bingo cards. Scroll bingo is fun to play by yourself as well as with others. It’s interesting to play with someone else and discuss your experiences afterwards. Give it a go, if you want to become more aware of the content you consume while scrolling aimlessly.

You scroll anyway, so why not make a little game out of it?

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